Steelers Mock Draft: Going all in on offense for Justin Fields and Russell Wilson

LSU Tigers wide receiver Brian Thomas Jr. (11)
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Steelers mock draft round 6: M.J. Devonshire, CB, Pittsburgh

I was looking to double dip at receiver this year given the lack of depth in the room, but I also think adding a developmental outside cornerback could be worth it for the team. As stated before, I am not targeting an early cornerback with Jackson on the roster given the other needs the Steelers have. Devonshire could be great value though.

While he is on the shorter side of things, Devonshire has the length and athleticism to play press well. He is an instinctive player as well, as he can read a play well and anticipate as opposed to just reacting. His length also allows him to contest most passes and swat away balls.

While being under six foot may deter the Steelers given their focus on extremely tall cornerbacks, Devonshire offers a player with low-end starter potential in the sixth round. He needs to work on his ability to track deep passes, but he would have plenty of time to learn given the other players currently on the roster.

It has been a frantic start to this offseason for the Steelers, and while the big moves may have calmed down, this team still has needs. This mock draft is an attempt to fix those, as the Steelers land a big-play receiver for the offense, fix the line, and add some defensive depth.

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