Steelers Mock Draft: Pittsburgh adds an offensive weapon early

The Steelers start this mock draft with some firepower on offense and add quality picks later on.

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Steelers mock draft round 3: T.J. Tampa, CB, Iowa State

With the second day coming to a close, the black and gold are still keeping their options open. They would like an offensive tackle or defensive lineman, but that didn't materialize. Both of those positions are picked over pretty significantly at this point in the mock draft. The Steelers keep that best player available mindset, and a certain prospect is standing out.

Pittsburgh goes with a cornerback, T.J. Tampa. It's a terrific value in the third round for the Steelers. He has great size for a cornerback and has done well during the pre-draft process. We know that Mike Tomlin and company are familiar with Iowa State and their program. They were at their pro day last year around this time.

Trying to find a reliable partner at the opposite starting cornerback spot will be a big outcome for the Steelers. They could explore that in free agency, but the draft provides a younger and less expensive avenue. Having both Tampa and Porter on the outside should be a quality starting duo for many seasons to come. Tampa will have to prove himself at the NFL level, but that shouldn't be a concern.

Long arms are something both Porter and Tampa possess. That allows them to be effective press corners. That would be tremendous to have at opposite sides of the field for your starting cornerbacks. Getting this prospect at this point in the draft was too hard to pass on. Pittsburgh has neglected some of their pressing needs early, but they get some quality picks.