Steelers Mock Draft: Pittsburgh adds an offensive weapon early

The Steelers start this mock draft with some firepower on offense and add quality picks later on.

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Steelers mock draft round 4: Michael Pratt, QB, Tulane

Another pick on the offensive side of the ball to finish up the fourth round for the Steelers. We know that Pittsburgh hasn't shown much interest in this quarterback class. They still need to get a third guy on the roster. They seem ready to sign someone in free agency and then fill out the room via the draft or another cheap free-agent option.

Russell Wilson, Justin Fields, Mason Rudolph, or even Ryan Tannehill could be some names to watch this offseason. Any of them could be signed as the other option to start for the Steelers, or at least to push Kenny Pickett as the second option. The lack of interest in this group through the pre-draft process thus far is somewhat concerning, but that doesn't mean they won't take one.

Michael Pratt is the pick here. He comes out of Tulane, which is not known for producing many NFL players. The Steelers hope that they get a guy here who can turn into a reliable backup quarterback at worst. If they sign a free agent to be the competition to Pickett, then an incoming rookie like Pratt will feel no pressure to do much during his rookie campaign.

Efficiency is the name of the game when you look at Pratt. He was someone who remained on target and was able to move the ball even though he faced immense pressure at Tulane. He is someone who showed composure in the position, but he couldn't produce significant numbers in college. He is someone that could grow with a better supporting cast around him.