The Steelers will sadly ignore these positions in the 2024 NFL Draft

After neglecting these positions at the NFL Combine, the Steelers may avoid them in the draft.

NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The NFL Combine has now come and gone. The Steelers were active both in the media and scouting players in attendance. A lot of rumors have been swirling around about the upcoming draft and free agency portions of the offseason for Pittsburgh.

Mike Tomlin and Omar Khan have met with a ton of players, and those meetings brought some insight into who the black and gold might target in the draft.

The Steelers showed little interest in certain positions at the NFL Combine

We start things off with an honorable mention here. It's not that Pittsburgh neglected scouting the defensive line in its entirety, but they didn't do a ton. They met with a chunk of prospects at the NFL Combine, but they failed to meet with plenty more in the class. This is a position of need, and the Steelers seem ready to get younger in the trenches on both sides of the ball.

With that being said, everyone should assume that this club will scout the defensive linemen in this class closer during the remainder of the pre-draft process. They have a need there, but the lack of importance put on this position at the combine was somewhat surprising. Keep an eye on this position moving forward.

Running back is a spot where many don't see a need for the Steelers. They have Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren to take the carries. They are a terrific one-two punch, but neither of them has missed significant time due to injury. You can't assume they will be healthy every year, so the depth behind them will become a spotlight.

The black and gold showed little interest in the position at the combine, which isn't too surprising. They need to fill other needs first. This won't rule out potentially taking a back in the later rounds of the upcoming draft though. The Steelers met with a few prospects who play the position that could be mid to later-round options. Running back is a need, but Pittsburgh could put it on the back burner now.

Tons of rumors were happening with the Steelers at their quarterback position. Justin Fields was rumored to possibly be traded by the end of the event, but that did not materialize. The other thing that was eye-opening was the complete lack of interest the team refused to show in the quarterback class. That should show you where the club is at.

If they cannot get Mason Rudolph, a free agent signing, or trade for someone this offseason, then Kenny Pickett will be the only starting option. That is concerning, and many have speculated that the club would take a quarterback later in the draft to be their third guy on the roster. That could still happen, but they didn't meet with any quarterbacks at the combine, and that speaks volumes about their potential neglect at the position in the upcoming draft.

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