Steelers Mock Draft: Pittsburgh ends their issues in the trenches in 2024

Omar Khan isn't done beefing up the trenches in this seven-round Steelers mock.
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Steelers mock draft round 3: Zach Frazier, C, West Virginia

As bad as the cornerback and offensive tackle positions have been for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2023, you could make a case that the center position has been even worse. Though his flaws are sometimes subtle on tape, Mason Cole has arguably been one of the worst starting centers in the NFL this year.

We knew when the Steelers signed him during the 2023 offseason that Cole wasn't going to be anything more than a stop-gap starter for this team, and he has served his purpose in that role. Even during the 2023 NFL Draft, Pittsburgh's front office seemed to be taking a hard look at a future replacement. They spent numerous pre-draft visits meeting with Day 2 center prospects who could be an improvement over Cole.

Cole is under contract for the 2024 season, but his $6.27 million cap hit might be more than the team could stomach -- especially for the mediocre (at best) play we have seen from him. This is where a player like Zach Frazier comes in. The Steelers have no doubt had their eye on the West Virginia Mountaineer.

At roughly 6'3'' and 310 pounds, Frazier has solid size for the center position and is already being talked about as one of the strongest interior offensive linemen in the country. Frazier isn't the most fluid player in space, but this team needs a center who won't allow the pocket to collapse on their quarterback, and Frazier fits the bill in the third round.