Steelers Mock Draft: Pittsburgh ends their issues in the trenches in 2024

Omar Khan isn't done beefing up the trenches in this seven-round Steelers mock.
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Steelers mock draft round 6: Jordan Jefferson, DT, LSU

We saw how badly the Pittsburgh Steelers struggled to defend the run when Cameron Heyward was on injured reserve for most of the first half of the season. His presence along the interior defensive line is unmatched by a player that's currently on the roster.

Unfortunately, Heyward turns 35 shortly after the 2024 NFL Draft, and we don't know how much the long-time defensive lineman is going to have left in the tank. Even if Heyward decides to defy time and play football for a few more seasons, we have to assume that his snap count is going to decrease, as will his overall efficiency.

Keeanu Benton has flashed excellent upside as both a pass rusher and run defender early in his career, but he still has a way to go before he can be a true staple to this defense. Outside of Benton, however, there isn't much to look forward to along the interior defensive line, and the Steelers are lacking youth and upside.

Jordan Jefferson is a big defensive tackle out of LSU who can come in and improve Pittsburgh's run defense. At 6'4'' and 317 pounds, Jefferson is a stout player who can win at the point of attack. Jefferson hasn't been very productive during his five years in college and he doesn't offer a lot as a pass rusher, but this is the type of player you are getting at this point in the NFL Draft.