Steelers mock draft: Pittsburgh makes aggressive move up for blue-chip player

Clemson defensive lineman Bryan Bresee (11).
Clemson defensive lineman Bryan Bresee (11). / Anderson Independent Mail-USA TODAY
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The defensive line is one of the harder positions to figure out for the Steelers this offseason. The group is lacking in many areas, and the team lacks a traditional defensive end across from Cameron Heyward. Unfortunately, the NFL doesn’t have a lot of bodies that fit the mold of what the Steelers like in a typical end.

Because of this, the Steelers decide to get aggressive and make a move up for one of the top defensive linemen in the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft. Pittsburgh doesn’t have a strong history of trading back in the draft and instead seems willing to move up if there is a player that they really like.

What this trade would look like for the Steelers

As the first-round trickles through, the top three quarterbacks fly off the board before the Panthers can pick. With their roster also full of needs, they opt to trade back with the Steelers and secure more draft capital. The trade isn’t anything complex: Pittsburgh swaps first-round picks and sends pick 49 to the Panthers.

While losing a second-round pick is steep, it still gives the team the top pick of the second round that they can use to secure another great prospect. This move also allows them to land a great defensive line prospect in the first round. With all of that laid out, here is an updated mock draft for the Steelers.