Steelers mock draft: Pittsburgh makes aggressive move up for blue-chip player

Clemson defensive lineman Bryan Bresee (11).
Clemson defensive lineman Bryan Bresee (11). / Anderson Independent Mail-USA TODAY
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Steelers mock draft round 2: OT Darnell Wright

Heading into the second round, the Steelers look to their other line and lock up an improvement for protecting Kenny Pickett. I wasn’t a huge fan of the prospects available at pick 32, so I took the name that I think had the most flexibility. Darnell Wright is a mountain of a man that has a lot of experience as a player.

Wright played both left and right tackle while at Tennessee. There, he used his size and power to bully defenders, especially in the run game. He is your classic mauler that likes to power his way through defenses and opens up lanes for runners. His mauling tendencies do make him vulnerable in pass protection though, which will limit him long term.

I genuinely think Wright could also profile as a guard as well. His power would do well to open running lanes and his lack of athleticism and pass protection struggles could be masked. If he is to remain at tackle, he should probably shed some weight. That said, Wright would be an upgrade to multiple spots on this line.