Steelers Mock Draft: Pittsburgh plugs every roster hole in pre-free agency mock

Duke Blue Devils offensive lineman Graham Barton
Duke Blue Devils offensive lineman Graham Barton / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
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Steelers mock draft round 3: Patrick Paul, OT, Houston

If the Steelers decide to bypass a tackle in the first round (a move I would argue is a mistake given the generational depth in the first round), Patrick Paul sticks out as a realistic option for the team on day two. While he will need some time to develop his technique and play with some more strength, he has the makings of a quality starting tackle down the road.

What stands out about Paul is his immense size. Almost 6’8, 330 pounds, with over 36” arms. If the Steelers were building a tackle in a lab, he would come out looking a lot like Paul. Despite his immense size, he is still a decent athlete that can work well in space. He should be able to play on the left or right side down the road.

His blocking is very raw. He won in school because of his length, as he could make first contact with defensive linemen and work them out of the play. Against stronger defenders though, Paul lost leverage and gave up ground. His pass blocking appears better on tape, but again, his length has more to do with that. He will need a lot of seasoning at the pro level if he wants to become a viable starter.

He has some time to learn if he comes to the Steelers. Yes, that means Dan Moore would once again be the starter, but he can play out the final year of his deal and give Paul the season to serve as the swing tackle and top backup. There is a lot of projection here, but Paul’s ceiling is through the roof.