Steelers Mock Draft: Pittsburgh triples down on the trenches early

Steelers focus on finding future building blocks in the trenches in the latest seven-round mock.

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Steelers mock draft round 7: Nathan Thomas, OT, Louisiana

Welcome to the project piece of the mock draft. Rounding out this draft class simulation is Nathan Thomas out of Louisiana. We know the Steelers are not afraid to take players out of this program as players like Ike Taylor and Kevin Dotson are a few examples of prior draft selections to come out of it. Double dipping at offensive tackle might seem crazy, but Pittsburgh needs help.

Moore will not always be with the Steelers, and it might be a good idea to look into future replacements for him. Thomas is someone that needs work at the next level and it could take him a while before he gets a shot at starting or even getting a quality reserve role. That is ok, and it could wind up a draft bust or maybe you have the next Kelvin Beachum on your hands.

Jones has given up a lot of pressure on his quarterback in college. That is the main issue. He seems to play functionally well and with good technique. Many scouts have claimed that he needs to grow his physical strength and conditioning to find success at the NFL level. That is something the Steelers are willing to do by taking him.

Adding Thomas with the final selection allows Pittsburgh to have a competition for the last depth tackle on the roster. It also allows for them to potentially have an option to be their future tackle or at least in a depth role. This was a strong draft class for the black and gold in this simulation. It would be tremendous if the draft played out like this.

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