Steelers Mock Draft: Pittsburgh turns the page on Kenny Pickett

Steelers emphasize quarterback, center, and cornerback early in my latest seven-round mock draft.

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Kamari Lassiter. . . . player. Kamari Lassiter. Kamari Lassiter. 527. Cornerback. 2

Steelers mock draft round 2: Kamari Lassiter, CB, Georgia

It's remarkable that it took Mike Tomlin as long as it did to make the switch at cornerback from Levi Wallace to rookie Joey Porter Jr. As soon as he did, however, fans could instantly tell that he was the best option on the team at the position.

The Steelers have put themselves in quite the bind over the past two offseasons. Instead of dishing out money to sign a young, athletic free agent or to keep Cameron Sutton, they elected to go with older, unathletic cornerbacks like Levi Wallace, Patrick Peterson, and Chandon Sullivan in free agency. This proved to be a colossal mistake.

Tomlin is finding out that experience doesn't matter if you have no athleticism in your secondary. Pittsburgh may have struck gold on Porter, but they desperately need a long-term option to pair with him. While I loved Cory Trice Jr. coming out of college, they can't rely on a seventh-round pick coming off an ACL tear to be the guy they need at the position.

Kamari Lassiter isn't a freaky CB in terms of size and speed like Porter, but he's a scrappy competitor who is better in zone coverage than he is in man. A Porter clone would be preferred here, but you aren't going to get that guy often in the second round. Lassiter is coming from a great football program and could be a quality starting cornerback in the NFL.