Steelers mock draft: Rare trade-back still lands an impressive center

Oregon Ducks offensive lineman Jackson Powers-Johnson (58)
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Steelers mock draft round 6: Frank Gore Jr., RB, Southern Miss

A name that should look familiar, as his legendary dad retired just a couple of seasons ago. While he isn’t the same prospect as his father, I think Frank Gore Jr. could be the makings of a great complimentary back for this offense. Considering this team will want to feature the run game under Arthur Smith, having as many viable backs is a good thing.

Gore was a hot prospect because of his name, but his lack of size kept him underrated in many circles. He settled for a smaller school in Southern Miss and didn’t become the feature back until last year. That said, he has been a steady contributor every year for their offense, especially as a receiver. He runs sharp routes and does well in space.

As a runner, he is reminiscent of Jaylen Warren. While not the biggest guy in the room, he runs angry and seeks out contact. He runs like he is Najee Harris size but is instead his compact self. That could turn into a negative as a pro though, as he may not push the pile like he did in school. He will need to get more comfortable avoiding contact and trying to find space as a runner.

It is no secret that the Steelers love bloodlines, and Gore comes from an excellent one. I think he could have an instant role in this backfield as a third option, and his blocking and special teams potential look good. For a sixth-round pick, you can’t ask for much more.