Steelers mock draft: Running things how I would as Pittsburgh's GM

Ohio State offensive lineman Paris Johnson, Jr.
Ohio State offensive lineman Paris Johnson, Jr. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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With the draft so close, I wanted to let everyone know what my plan would be if I were the GM for the Steelers. Typically with my mocks, I try to connect the dots between layers the team has an interest in as well as the holes they have. While not always the case, I often don’t love the mock I put together, but I want to try and be realistic about what the team could do.

I am changing that with this rendition, as I want everyone to see what my strategy would be to attack this draft. Every season I come away with a few “my guys” in the draft, and I want to make sure they are added to this roster. As well, I want to fill the biggest needs I have with the team.

While this mock isn’t perfect, as there are a lot of holes to fill, I do believe that it creates a stronger overall roster on both offense and defense. As a GM, I’m also interested in moving around, especially when there are certain players I want and deem the best at the position.

That starts in the first round, as I am eyeing a small trade-up. I’m not willing to give up one of my seconds, and I’m not keen on giving up my third, but I want a specific name to be around when I pick (no spoilers, read ahead to see who the target is). I watch as the prospect I want begins to slip out of the top ten and I call the Texans at pick 12.

I offer them a first-round swap and my fourth-round pick, which is quickly rejected. I suck it up and offer pick 80 overall, but we get their fifth-round pick (pick 161) in return. A steepers price than I want, but I want to ensure I get my guy. They accept, and the Steelers are officially on the clock.