Steelers mock draft: Running things how I would as Pittsburgh's GM

Ohio State offensive lineman Paris Johnson, Jr.
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Steelers mock draft round 2: CB Tyrique Stevenson

When the Steelers come back onto the clock at pick 49, I want to snag an outside cornerback. This class is extremely deep, so I am fine moving back knowing that I can still land a top prospect. I ultimately go with Tyrique Stevenson out of Miami.

While not the crazy physical specimen that this draft class seems filled with, Stevenson still has the necessary size to play outside. He is an extremely physical player, as he loves to make contact and come up in run support.

In terms of coverage, he has progressively gotten better every season. He uses his size and his length to play great man coverage, as he gets aggressive at the line of scrimmage and bumps players off their routes. He has the athleticism to hold his own in man coverage as well.

He struggles in zone coverage, as he has less experience there coming from a predominantly man-heavy scheme at Miami. That said, he enters a cornerback room where he won’t have to start right away. While I do think he is pro-ready as a rookie, he can be mentored and worked into a role as opposed to being thrown in as a starter right away.

While Stevenson doesn’t have the ceiling that the top names in this class have, he seems like a safe pick to develop into a good starter. He has the physicality the team covets in their cornerbacks, and he has the man coverage ability this defense needs. There are names earlier I naturally like more, but Stevenson is one of my top second-round targets at cornerback for this team.