Steelers mock draft: Running things how I would as Pittsburgh's GM

Ohio State offensive lineman Paris Johnson, Jr.
Ohio State offensive lineman Paris Johnson, Jr. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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2. player. 493. NT. Wisconsin. Keeanu Benton. .

Steelers mock draft round 2: NT Keeanu Benton

There are three defensive linemen that I love in this class, and I intend on landing two of them with the next few picks. The first wound would have the most instant impact on the team, as Keeanu Benton is already a force as a run defender and has experience as a nose tackle on the Wisconsin defense.

Benton’s game starts and ends with his power. He uses his bull rush to disrupt the middle of the field and force runners to change direction. He is powerful enough to push opposing linemen back, but he also has enough finesse to work his way around blockers and get into the backfield. He is lacking a pass-rush plan, but that could certainly develop with more experience in a pro system.

His size is intriguing as well, as he could eventually shift more to an end spot and not just be a traditional nose tackle. That said, early in his career that seems to be the best place for him. While Pittsburgh has added some low-level names to their nose tackle depth chart, Benton can easily outplay them.

This run defense has been hard to watch at times, and Benton can be an instant upgrade with the potential to be so much more. At a minimum, you are getting a good run defender that should become a good nose tackle. If he can develop as a pass rusher, the Steelers could have a future star defensive end to play all along the defensive line.