Steelers mock draft: Running things how I would as Pittsburgh's GM

Ohio State offensive lineman Paris Johnson, Jr.
Ohio State offensive lineman Paris Johnson, Jr. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Steelers mock draft round 4: DB Anthony Johnson

Entering day three, I still want to get some defensive and offensive slot help. While there are a few receivers that have me interested, Anthony Johnson is a versatile defensive back I have fallen in love with. He lacks the potential to be an elite player given his build, but he plays like his hair is on fire.

He has experience all over the secondary, starting as a corner before moving to deep safety and eventually settling in as a box safety. That allowed his physicality to shine and his ability to shoot gaps and blitz to show up. His coverage skills are fine, and he makes some errors at times, but he can hold his own against receivers.

Where I think he could shine is as a slot defender. His coverage experience and tenacity to play the run make him a natural fit there. He also isn’t an elite athlete, and the slot role could hide some of his issues there. This team is lacking a traditional slot cornerback, and Johnson could fill in there from day one.

Add in his ability to work as both a deep and box safety and you have the versatility you want in a mid-round pick. He can earn a role early in the slot and provide depth all along the secondary. He would be great value here in the fourth round.