Steelers mock draft: Running things how I would as Pittsburgh's GM

Ohio State offensive lineman Paris Johnson, Jr.
Ohio State offensive lineman Paris Johnson, Jr. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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EDGE. Maryland. Durell Nchami. 439. . 7. player.

Steelers mock draft round 7: EDGE Durell Nchami

I did want to target an edge rusher earlier, but the value was never there in this draft. Instead, I take a player that flashed some great film while at Maryland but struggled with health issues. Durell Nchami has flashed when on the field with good bend, a good array of moves, and decent technique as a pass rusher.

Unfortunately, he has also struggled with injuries for most of his college career. While that is a problem that doesn’t always get better once in the pros, Nchami can become a good rotational player if he remains healthy. He wouldn’t be an impact player early, but pair him with a veteran pass rusher and you would have a fine depth chart at edge rusher.

TE. player. . . North Dakota St.. Noah Gindorff. 7. 2497

Steelers mock draft round 7: TE Noah Gindorff

Look, I wanted to land a receiver, but that never happened. Instead, I’ll steer this offense to more of a tight-end heavy stance as opposed to the traditional three-receiver sets we use. To do this, the team needs three traditional tight ends, and Conner Heyward can serve as a chess piece instead.

Noah Gindorff isn’t a great player, and like Nchami he has also struggled with injuries. That said, he is a great blocker and has soft hands. He can compete for the third tight end spot and keep the depth chart full in case of injury.

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I love the start of this mock draft, and my biggest complaint is that I failed to land a receiver. That said, the offensive line gets a blue-chip prospect and the defense gets some core starters both for this season and the future. If I were in charge, I would try to have this draft class look something like this.