Steelers Mock Draft: Senior Bowl sparks massive investments in the trenches

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It's Senior Bowl week and the game caps off a handful of days filled with competitive practices. Some prospects will show some quality play during this time while others will struggle to accomplish anything. Their draft stock will be directly affected by how they complete the pre-draft process, and all of that starts this week for those prospects invited.

Mike Tomlin and Omar Khan have been in the mix during practices this week and getting a close look at some positions of need. They have seemed to home in on the trenches and some of the top prospects in attendance like Quinyon Mitchell. Many different things could change how the outlook of the draft will change between now and the end of April when the event is set to kick off.

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Buffalo and the Steelers pull off a trade in round one of the draft

A lot of trades back in these mock drafts thus far for the Steelers. It hasn't happened in many years, but it could happen in the right scenario. Night one of the draft comes around and the Steelers have some quality options available at 20 when it's their turn to pick. They get a call from the Bills to move back eight spots, but they receive an opportunity to gain an extra second-round choice if they accept.

That offer turns out too good to pass up and the Steelers decide to make that deal. They do lose their final pick in the seventh round to this deal, but gaining that extra selection was too enticing. It would be the second draft in a row that the Steelers had two picks in the second round. This trade-back opens the door for many different possibilities on day two of this mock draft.

Pittsburgh would be thrilled with this move, but deep down they don't like the idea of waiting another eight picks after a long night of waiting. Expect the black and gold to look at all kinds of options on night one of the draft. If they get an offer they cannot refuse, then they would be crazy to pass on it. A great trade for the Steelers as the Bills felt an urgency to move up and get a certain prospect.