Steelers Mock Draft: Senior Bowl sparks massive investments in the trenches

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Josh Newton. . Josh Newton. 3. player. 466. Josh Newton. . Cornerback.

Secondary help is on the way to close out the second day of the draft

Another Senior Bowl participant here is Josh Newton out of TCU. He has pretty much kept his draft stock steady and has not swayed in better or worse. Perhaps the combine will be his big event that will change his draft status for better or worse. Finding a cornerback seems to be something the Steelers would love to find in the middle rounds of the draft.

Slot cornerback might be one of the bigger needs, but don't forget how much the Steelers struggled on the outside opposite of Joey Porter Jr. Ideally, the Steelers will be able to fill the slot role in free agency as it should be less costly. That will open the door to a starting cornerback option in the draft and that is what the Steelers do.

Newton doesn't have an ideal frame that most NFL corners have, but he is a physical guy who can handle press coverage well. That is something the Steelers would like to see in their starting cornerbacks and that is what Newton brings. He should be a day-two prospect and Pittsburgh gets good value here with his selection.

A great first three rounds for the Steelers in this mock draft. They get four starters at different positions of need on offense and defense. It allows them to open up their draft board to the best player available going forward. Free agency could change the idea of cornerback in this draft, but that need will probably be filled in the draft and not free agency.