Steelers Mock Draft: Senior Bowl standouts leave an impression on Mike Tomlin

Mike Tomlin has a hand in the draft process, and he seemed to be infatuated with several players in Mobile.

Roman Wilson, Michigan Wolverines
Roman Wilson, Michigan Wolverines / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Demani Richardson. 7. player. . . Demani Richardson. Demani Richardson. Safety. . 535

Steelers mock draft round 7: Demani Richardson, S, Texas A&M

The Pittsburgh Steelers desperately need a quality safety to pair next to Minkah Fitzpatrick in the secondary, but they aren't finding one at this point in the NFL Draft. As the game continues to change, NFL teams are slowly realizing that safeties just don't have the same impact on the game they once did (you can thank today's quick passing game for that).

In addition, the Steelers are already spending a lot of money on the safety position due to Fitzpatrick's lofty contract extension he received in 2022. As a result, Minkah has a cap number that exceeds $21 million in each of the next three seasons.

This is a position that I wouldn't be shocked to see the Steelers fill in free agency ahead of the NFL Draft -- potentially with a low-priced mid-level signing. But even if they address safety before the draft, they could still take one on Day 3 this April.

We could see a lot of roster turnover at the safety position this year for the Steelers. As a result, any safety the Steelers take at this point in the draft would have a chance to stick around. Demani Richardson is a big-bodied safety who can come downhill and tackle. The Steelers could use a player like this. Richardson would attempt to make the roster as a special teamer before earning a chance to carve out a rotational role on defense in Year 2 or 3 if he sticks around.

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