Steelers Mock Draft: Steelers build for future playoff success

Alabama Crimson Tide offensive lineman JC Latham (65)
Alabama Crimson Tide offensive lineman JC Latham (65) / Gary Cosby Jr. / USA TODAY NETWORK
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. . . 469. Zach Frazier. . . 2. Center.

Steelers mock draft round 2: Zach Frazier, C, West Virginia

The center class, like last year, lacks a true top name, but there are a slew of day-two options that can start soon and play for a long time. While I would be ok with a handful of names at this level, one of my early crushes has been Zach Frazier.

While West Virginia hasn’t been the football juggernaut it used to be, Frazier has developed into one of the nation's top centers there. What pops out on tape is his power, as he anchors the middle of the line and generates a strong push in the run game. This also allows him to stand up to some strong interior linemen and hold his own.

While not a flashy athlete, Frazier benefits from playing technically sound football, and when you add in his pure strength, you have a hard-nosed football player you can’t help but root for. With Mason Cole likely on his way out, Frazier can be a plug-and-play center given his experience and talent.

He lacks the potential of some of the other names in this class, but he makes up for it with a high floor. Adding him completes the line rebuild, as every position will have been addressed and upgraded. Center is arguably the Steelers biggest need, and Frazier would go a long way in upgrading that spot for the future.