Steelers Mock Draft: Targeting NFL Combine studs and defensive stars

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Texas. Keondre Coburn. 467. . . NT. 4. player

Steelers mock draft round 4: NT Keondre Coburn

I like the general depth at nose tackle in this draft class, and add in the lack of positional value, and this team could realistically find their starter at the position later in the draft if need be. While Keondre Coburn lacks the upside and potential versatility of a Keeanu Benton, he seems like a fine two-down player that can upgrade the nose tackle spot.

He’s short, squatty, and a big force that is hard to move. He doesn’t get upfield well and disrupts quarterbacks. He doesn’t always shed blocks to stop the run. He is as throwback as they come, as he can handle double teams and take up space so the players around him can make an impact. He isn’t flashy, and he is close to his ceiling, but that would be a welcome addition to this defense.

Coburn won’t put up gaudy stats and be a Pro Bowl player. What he can do is step in early and take on multiple blockers, something this team hasn’t truly had since Casey Hampton. That type of player has seen their value decrease in recent years, and while he won’t be playing the majority of snaps for this team, he can upgrade the base run defense.