Steelers mock draft: Trenches and QB all addressed in the offseason

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I was nervous about the Steelers cornerback room ahead of this season. There was a lot of turnover in the room, and while fans were excited to see Patrick Peterson in a Steelers uniform, I was skeptical. Peterson is aging, played mostly in a zone defense, and was expected to suddenly move around a lot, something he hasn’t done.

Peterson has struggled in his new role, and while he isn’t a complete liability, he also hasn’t been dynamic either. On the other side of things, Levi Wallace has looked like a trainwreck. He is lacking the consistent plays he had a season ago. With his contract expiring this offseason, He is almost certainly gone.

Joey Porter figures to be a core starter in the future, and Cory Trice could also figure into the equation, and now the Steelers add yet another option in Max Melton. While the Rutgers defense isn’t elite, Melton has held his own in a talented Big 10.

His coverage skills are a highlight of his game, as he reads routes well and is aggressive in breaking up passes. His zone coverage is adequate as well. While Melton lacks the traits to be an elite player, he should become a viable starter down the road. He can be a core starter in the secondary and across from Melton.