Steelers mock draft: Trenches and QB all addressed in the offseason

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As is well documented, I am not thrilled with Kenny Pickett so far as a quarterback. Despite being hyped as a pro-ready player, Pickett has struggled with the basics and lacks the upside of an elite quarterback. I am more than willing to explore the quarterback position in this draft.

No, Jayden Daniels will not be competing for a starting role anytime soon. While he has a great arm and natural athleticism, he struggles with his footwork and ability under pressure. He will need to develop, but his upside is high.

He can take up the quarterback-three role for this team while Pickett continues to show what he can do. If Daniels hits his ceiling, he could easily develop into the starter. If not, you risked a fourth-round pick on him. The quarterback draft class is deep, and the Steelers would be wise to add another name to the room in 2024.

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While the Steelers have made some progress in rebuilding their offensive line, their work is far from over. Dan Moore will likely slot into the right tackle job a year from now as Broderick Jones becomes the left tackle, but depth and competition are needed.

Reuben Fatheree has the rare size the Steelers like in their tackles. He is a mauling run blocker who uses his size and strength to move people. He needs to improve as a pass protector, but he could slot in as a potential right tackle. At a minimum, he can be a reserve tackle for the future of this team.