Steelers must go after one of these three quarterbacks during the 2024 offseason

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Now that the offseason has kicked into motion, the Steelers will have plenty of rumors surrounding them. Talk shows around the sports universe love to talk and speculate about what Pittsburgh and every team around the league will do. Each club wants to better their team, and the black and gold have a lot of work to do.

Trying to find out the truth can be tricky especially when most of these are speculation. Rumors will be running rampant around the NFL over the next couple of months. The Steelers will be in the heart of that as they try and improve their team while currently being over the cap. It will be a long and busy offseason for Omar Khan and company.

The speculative report has the Steelers looking for a starting quarterback

Dan Orlovsky went onto TV a couple of days ago and voiced his displeasure with the quarterback situation in Pittsburgh. Mason Rudolph did a great job after becoming the starter for Pittsburgh. Kenny Pickett looks like a bust and Rudolph is scheduled to become a free agent, so who knows where he will end up.

Anyway, the idea thrown out there by Orlovsky was bringing in one of three potential options to start or push Pickett for the starting gig in Pittsburgh. There are a couple of options that would make sense for the black and gold. Keep an eye on both free agency and different trade options too. Maybe the Steelers will try to get someone.

Two big names in the upcoming free agency class were named. The other was a young quarterback that needs a change of scenery which could result in a trade. This article will dissect every option that Orlovsky mentioned a couple of days ago on his show. He is never afraid to put his thoughts and ideas out there into the world.