Steelers must go after one of these three quarterbacks during the 2024 offseason

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Justin Fields trade rumors to Pittsburgh just don't go away

Justin Fields might be the most realistic option of the three quarterback ideas mentioned by Orlovsky. It makes sense as the Steelers quarterback room is boring and stale, and Fields is an electric playmaker. Maybe going from one struggling young quarterback to another wouldn't be the most ideal situation.

The difference between Fields and Pickett talent-wise is night and day. Fields has better physical traits that could help him grow his game more. He is actually younger than Pickett. The biggest issue is that the Steelers would need to modify their offensive approach.

Fields will excel in a different style of offense, and Pittsburgh has failed to show they are willing to make that change. It does make sense when it comes to the idea of trading for Fields. He is a young quarterback on the cheap for another year that could turn things around.

This would be like a one-year tryout for Fields in Pittsburgh as the Steelers would need to decide on his fifth-year option after next year. That option would cost the black and gold extra money. Fields might be the best option out there, but it depends on if the Chicago Bears would deal him on the cheap.