Steelers must go after one of these three quarterbacks during the 2024 offseason

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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Kirk Cousins could be the next starting quarterback for three Steelers

Finally, we land with the Minnesota Vikings pending free-agent starting quarterback. Kirk Cousins might be one of the most coveted players in free agency if he can make it to the open market. Cousins is a veteran quarterback who has been able to find success throughout his NFL career as a starter.

Some have compared Pickett's developmental ceiling to Cousins when he was coming out of college. It would be ironic for Cousins to sign in Pittsburgh and take over Pickett's starting spot for at least a couple seasons. The biggest issue will be the age of Cousins as he continues to get past his mid-30s.

Cousins will be 36 by the time the regular season starts in 2024. That is concerning and who knows how he will age over the next couple of years. A contract to Cousins will likely be fairly expensive and result in a two to three-year contract at minimum. It might be too rich for the Steelers to afford during this offseason with their current cap issues.

He would shove Pittsburgh back into playoff contention status again, and maybe they could win some playoff games. But he would be a band-aid on a bullet hole. He would only be around a couple of years and would cost a pretty penny to acquire. This just delays the quarterback issue that the Steelers currently have.

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