Steelers named as top landing spot for a big time QB in 2025 free agency

One site has the Steelers potentially going for a home run signing in free agency next year with a big-name quarterback.
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Look out everyone, the Steelers might go crazy next offseason if this free agent option becomes a reality.

Pittsburgh heads into this season with both Russell Wilson and Justin Fields on the roster. We will see how either of them shakes out as the possible long-term answer for the position. If both fail, then the black and gold will be in the market for another quarterback to lead their offense. Pittsburgh might have to rehaul their quarterback position again if everything falters this year.

One rumor out there right now has listed Pittsburgh as a top landing spot for one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

We will see where things take us between now and when free agency starts up in nine months. The team will have plenty of decisions to make and will have plenty of cap space to make moves. Add in the fact that they can maneuver certain contracts next offseason and this rumor could make sense. It will all come down to different outcomes this season, and if this player makes it to free agency.

Could the Steelers really land a big-time quarterback in Free Agency?

B/R Gridiron has the Steelers as one of five teams as a potential landing spot for star quarterback Dak Prescott next offseason.

Other than Pittsburgh being listed, they also included the Giants, Raiders, Seahawks, and Titans. Those are some quality landing spots for Prescott, but the best team listed might be the Steelers. We know they remain competitive under Mike Tomlin, but they need help getting over the edge. Maybe one of their top quarterbacks on the roster will become the answer this season, but it might not pan out.

If Wilson or Fields are unable to show they are the long-term answers, it seems probable that the Steelers will decide to move on. Going big game hunting isn't something the team normally does, but they have changed a lot under Omar Khan. It is not unreasonable to push any possibilities off the table anymore. Khan is not afraid to get creative to make the roster better.

What would it take to sign someone like Prescott in free agency?

Well, Trevor Lawrence just got paid a ton of money, and he hasn't proved much success in the NFL. According to Spotrac's website, Prescott should expect his next contract to land at 4 years and a smidge over two hundred and three million bucks. That is a lot of money to pay a quarterback who will be 31 years old this summer and has found little success in the playoffs.

On paper, that contract seems insurmountable, but it is something the Steelers could potentially pull off next year. They have a projected cap space of 78 million, and they could open more space by restructuring certain deals and cutting bait with some bad contracts. Prescott's projected contract would eat up a big chunk of that space, but it might be worth it if both Fields and Wilson flop.

Dak Prescott to the Steelers isn't unreasonable if both Wilson and Fields fail in Pittsburgh.

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