Steelers need to find their next offensive coordinator pronto

Top OC candidates are being snatched up, and Mike Tomlin needs to act fast.

Steelers, Pittsburgh Steelers
Steelers, Pittsburgh Steelers / Jane Gershovich/GettyImages

With the expected news that Mike Tomlin is staying in Pittsburgh, the biggest thing the Steelers needed to cross off on their offseason agenda is offensive coordinator. Since firing Todd Haley following the 2017 season, this organization went from bad to worse when it came to their offensive game plan and play-calling.

After Randy Fichtner failed to get the job done, the Steelers rinsed and repeated -- hiring yet another quarterback coach from within the organization. Unfortunately, Matt Canada's three-year tenure as offensive coordinator was worse than Fichtner's and Pittsburgh's offense saw new lows in 2023.

Late in the season, Canada was relieved of his duties and the Steelers appointed RB coach Eddie Faulkner and QB coach Mike Sullivan as the interim offensive coordinators. Though this paring was more respectable to close out the season, neither will be getting a promotion to be the next OC in Pittsburgh.

During his post-season press conference, Mike Tomlin made it abundantly clear that he is going to bring in an offensive coordinator outside of the organization. But he better get the ball rolling quickly.

On Monday, Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reported that the Bears are headed toward a deal with former Seahawks OC to become the next offensive coordinator in Chicago. Waldon was one of the hottest names on the market after he had a hand in revitalizing the career of QB Geno Smith.

Waldon fit the description of what Tomlin was looking for in his next OC. Sadly, one of the most promising candidates to fill the void in Pittsburgh is now off the table, and Pittsburgh needs to speed this process along.

Steelers need to find their next OC before another great candidate is snatched up

There is a fine line. You don't just want to jump at the first opportunity to hire a new offensive coordinator. At the same time, Tomlin and the front office know that this is a role in high demand and they need to beat the competition to the punch.

Of the remaining candidates, a few of the names that make the most sense include 49ers passing game coordinator Klint Kubiak and Dolphins passing game coordinator Darrell Bevell. The Steelers could also express an interest in guys like Alex Van Pelt and Pep Hamilton, though these options won't be nearly as appealing to most fans.

Whoever they decide to go with, they better jumpstart the interview process and speed things along quickly. This is arguably the most important decision that Mike Tomlin and the Pittsburgh Steelers will make all offseason, and they can't afford to get it wrong when it comes to their next offensive coordinator hire.