Steelers news: Cameron Heyward comments, T.J. Watt cleared from concussion, and more

  • Cameron Heyward has a response to Big Ben's comments
  • T.J. Watt fields questions about concussion protocol
  • The NFL discusses banning the 'hip-drop' tackle

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T.J. Watt fields questions about entering and exiting concussion protocol

When T.J. Watt landed in concussion protocol, it became the biggest topic of discussion among Steelers fans this week. Watt exited the game early against the Patriots after taking a knee to the head. He could be seen taking smelling salts on the sidelines and later re-entered the game wearing a dark visor.

This was suspicious to many fans, as they wondered how he was able to get the 'all clear' to go back into the game. Days later, he showed up at the facility with symptoms and was placed in concussion protocol.

Recently, Watt was removed from concussion protocol, but as you can imagine, he's busy fielding questions about what transpired on the sidelines during the Patriots game.

Watt gave a straightforward explanation about how he ended up in concussion protocol, but he didn't want to get into specifics about wearing a dark visor during the game.

As of now, the league is still investigating to ensure that no malpractice took place when it came to the decision to allow T.J. Watt back into the game this past week. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network sheds some additional light on the situation and what is being investigated.