Steelers news: Cameron Heyward defends Mike Tomlin, Mason Rudolph, Glenn Thomas

  • Cam Heyward defends Tomlin's decision to leave the podium
  • Mason Rudolph speaks on his future with the Steelers
  • Steelers lose assistant coach to college football

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have been eliminated from the NFL Playoffs following their 31-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Monday evening. Super Wild Card weekend consisted of several big upsets -- including blowout wins by the Packers over the Cowboys and Buccaneers over the Eagles. Sadly, the Steelers could not follow suit.

Mike Tomlin's team has now gone seven straight years without a playoff win, and things are starting to get heated. During his post-game press conference, Tomlin abruptly walked away from the podium after a question arose about the year remaining on his contract.

In the latest Steelers news, Cameron Heyward defends the behavior of his head coach, Mason Rudolph weighs in on his future in Pittsburgh, and an assistant coach has taken a job in college football.

Cameron Heyward defends Mike Tomlin

After hearing about Tomlin walking away from the media on Monday night following the Steelers' loss to the Bills, Cameron Heyward addressed the media on Tuesday, and he was taking kindly to questions regarding Mike Tomlin, per Brooke Pryor of ESPN.

When asked if Tomlin was burned out, Heyward was quick to note that Coach 'T' has been locked in from Day 1 -- noting that he only wants to focus on one goal. Heyward also defended Tomlin's decision to walk away from the podium after being asked about his future.

This is hardly the first time that a player has stood up for their head coach and it won't be the last. Heyward was drafted in 2011, and Tomlin is the only head coach he's ever had in the NFL. This is exactly the type of response we would have expected from the veteran-most leader of the Steelers. It's clear that Cam Heyward doesn't want Tomlin to go anywhere.

Mason Rudolph doesn't know what his future holds with Steelers

Following the Steelers' loss to the Bills, quarterback Mason Rudolph fielded questions from the media. Rudolph was asked about his future in Pittsburgh and whether or not he will be back with the Steelers. Here's how he responded:

"“I have no idea what is going to happen. None of us in [the locker room] know what’s going to happen tomorrow. I’m still thinking about the game and the loss and it hurts and it stings. I love the Pittsburgh Steelers. They’ve been my only home for six years. We’ll see what happens. Like I said, it’s not really my decision. A lot of it is outside of my control. We’ll see what happens.”"

Mason Rudolph on future with Steelers

Rudolph was first thrust into action on the final drive in Week 14 against the Colts after Mitch Trubisky struggled. From there, he became the starter for the rest of the year and into the playoffs.

Rudolph's contract expires this offseason, and he will be free to sign with any club if the Steelers do not ink him to an extension. He only started four games, but the offense seemed to hit their groove when he was in the lineup this year. Both Kenny Pickett and Mitch Trubisky are still under contract with Pittsburgh.

Steelers lose an assistant coach to college football

The first of what could be many coaching changes has already occurred for the Steelers. Mitch Scherman of The Athletic reported that Pittsburgh's passing game coordinator, Glenn Thomas, is signing with Nebraska to be their QB coach.

Thomas was signed during the 2023 offseason as a way to help offensive coordinator, Matt Canada (who obviously didn't make it through the season with the Steelers before being fired). Thomas' decision to go back to college football could have meant that his job in Pittsburgh was not secure.

As of now, there's no indication whether or not the Steelers plan to fill his role as passing game coordinator. This is something we may not have the answer to right away. It's probably safe to assume that more coaching changes to come soon.