Steelers news: NFL teams will lose millions in lawsuit, trade candidates, and more

NFL teams are set to lose hundreds of millions in Sunday Ticket lawsuit and Bleacher Report proposes hypothetical trades involving the Steelers.
Pittsburgh Steelers v Atlanta Falcons
Pittsburgh Steelers v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

We've reached the slowest part of the football calendar year. In late July, the energy will amp up as over 2,800 players will take the practice field with their respective teams for a chance to stick on an NFL roster in 2024. The Pittsburgh Steelers have been unusually quiet as of late, but big things are on the horizon.

We recently received some NFL news that will have a league-wide effect on all 32 teams. Meanwhile, Bleacher Report outlines the Steelers' top candidates to be traded and proposes a hypothetical trade for Pittsburgh. Here's the latest Steelers news.

NFL loses lawsuit over Sunday Ticket

A jury in U.S. District Court ordered the NFL to pay its fans more than $4.7 billion in damages, per ESPN. The National Football League was found guilty of violating antitrust laws in distributing out-of-market Sunday afternoon games from their subscription service.

If you have been an NFL Sunday Ticket owner, you could be entitled to compensation. It's unclear what service holders could receive at this time as the details are still being finalized, but we know that this lawsuit is going to cost each team hundreds of millions.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk provided an update and said that the $4.7-plus bullion will be divided between all 32 NFL teams. This means that each team will be forced to pay out $384 million to $450 million.

The financial implications are guaranteed to have a ripple effect on the league and could impact staff sizes and the NFL's salary cap in the near future. The NFL is appealing this case.

Bleacher Report outlines Steelers top trade candidates

Kristopher Knox of Bleacher Report wrote a detailed breakdown of the three top Steelers candidates to be traded ahead of training camp. Knox believes that WR Calvin Austin III, OT Dan Moore, and DL Cameron Heyward are the players most likely to be sent packing.

The reasons for trading these players make sense on the surface. The Steelers have a surplus of slot receivers, Moore is going to be kicked to the bench, and the team may not be able to sign Heyward to an extension.

However, these trades are easier said than done. It's safe to say that the likelihood of any of these three players being traded before training camp starts is extremely slim.

Hypothetical three-team trade involving Steelers

Knox didn't just look at the Steelers; he examined which teams could be great trade partners. In another article on Bleacher Report, Knox broke down hypothetical three-team trades that could turn the NFL upside down before the start of the 2024 season.

Knox had the Steelers getting involved in a trade with the Broncos and Rams. This hypothetical trade would send Broncos WR Courtland Sutton to Pittsburgh (along with a sixth-round pick), as the Steelers would trade Cam Heyward to the Rams and Denver receives WR Tutu Atwell and third-round picks from both LA and Pittsburgh.

As the Pittsburgh Steelers are hunting for their first playoff win in eight years, there's no chance they will want to part with one of their best players -- even if he's in a contract year and there's no guarantee he stays with the team in 2025.