Steelers news: Pittsburgh trades for Allen Robinson, new pre-draft visits, and more

Steelers, Allen Robinson
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If you asked for an eventful offseason from the Pittsburgh Steelers, your wish has been granted. Since the start of free agency, GM Omar Khan and assistant GM Andy Weidl have been as active as we could have possibly envisioned. Now they are making more unforeseen moves just over a week ahead of the start of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Pittsburgh has made it a point to cover all of their bases heading into the draft. The latest Steelers news involves a trade for a former high-profile receiver as well as pre-draft visits that may tip their hat to where they are headed early on draft day.

Steelers news:

On Tuesday, the Pittsburgh Steelers made a trade completely out of the blue. With no previous speculation of the move, Khan pulled the trigger on a deal that will bring wide receiver Allen Robinson to Pittsburgh, ESPN's Adam Schefter confirms.

Robinson is coming off a down season on a big contract with the Los Angeles Rams, and many were initially concerned with what type of money the Steelers would have to give him. Fortunately, this is one of those low-risk situations.

As the Rams were simply looking to get out of his deal, Robinson will cost the Steelers just a seventh-round pick swap with LA. The Rams will also take on the vast majority of the $15 million he was due in 2023 -- leaving the Steelers to pay just 5 million for the veteran receiver.

More Steelers news:

Twice now, we thought the Pittsburgh Steelers were done scheduling pre-draft visits. On Monday, the team brought OT Broderick Jones and DT Bryan Bresee to the facility for a 30-visit (both were unexpected). Now the Steelers have followed these visits up with a pair of players who were also not previously scheduled for a pre-draft visit.

In addition to seeing QB Clayton Tune yesterday (who was scheduled to meet with the team), Pittburgh's brass had unforeseen pre-draft visits with Georgia TE Darnell Washington and Tennessee OT Darnell Wright.

If we didn't think the interest was strong enough before, these two players are now firmly on their draft radar. Wright is projected to go in the middle of the first round while Washington could still be available with the 32nd overall pick that the Steelers own at the top of the second round.

NFL news:

The latest mock draft from Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports showcases some interesting shake-ups early. After Wilson has four offensive tackles being selected from pick 9 to pick 14 (in addition to a run on cornerbacks), Wilson has Pittsburgh reaching for Kansas State cornerback, Julius Brents.

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Prior to the Senior Bowl, some viewed Brents as a day-three prospect, but a solid week in Mobile was followed up by outstanding testing at the NFL Combine that boosted his stock. Still, pick 17 overall seems very rich for an older defensive prospect from the Big 12. This move would be very out of character for the Steelers in the first round -- even if the board doesn't fall their way.