Steelers News: Taylor Lewan and other rumors that are not likely to happen anytime soon

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Gaining cap space to have any spending change is something the Steelers are currently focused on at this juncture of the offseason. It is still early as free agency is still a couple of weeks away, but this club needs to start making actions happen soon with their current players under contract. No matter if they decide to create cap space with restructures or contract terminations, this team needs to make tough decisions.

Every organization around the NFL has rumors swirling around their building as many different players look for new homes. Those rumors have hit Pittsburgh again, just like they seemingly do around this time every year. Fans are excited to see what the club adds during the offseason, but some of these rumors do not seem like possible scenarios.

Trading for a big-name player does not seem to be in the Steelers cards

Surprisingly there have been some interesting names brought up in connection with the Steelers via trade. These seem unlikely as the group normally looks to upgrade their roster through the draft, which includes an extra second-round selection this year. The black and gold normally do not like to go the trade route, especially when a player would cost an arm and a leg to acquire.

Both Mike Evans and Jalen Ramsey have been connected to Pittsburgh. Evans would not make a lot of sense as he carries a high cap number, is getting older, and plays a position that the club is not in desperate need of. Ramsey makes a little more sense, but if you investigate the kind of compensation to acquire him, many fans would likely scoff at this idea.