Steelers News: Taylor Lewan and other rumors that are not likely to happen anytime soon

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Daron Payne will not end up with the Steelers in free agency

Free agency could be a great place for the black and gold to address many of their faults across their roster. One of the biggest concerns for this club right now is the issues in the trenches of the defensive line. Larry Ogunjobi is a pending free agent, and his future with the Steelers is up in the air currently.

One player that could fix the mystery next to Cam Heyward in the trenches would be adding a player like Daron Payne. He has become one of the better defensive linemen in the NFL after being drafted in the first round by Washington a handful of years ago. That would be a great one-two punch up front for this defense and allow for an easier transition whenever Heyward starts to slow down. The structure of what the black and gold look for in free agent additions is there, but the pile of money that will be thrown at him will cause this to fizzle out.

Signing Payne would go against the grain of what the Steelers normally do in free agency. Signing a defensive lineman to a lucrative contract at the start of that process would be something not too many are expecting to transpire. Payne would be a nice addition, but Pittsburgh does not seem like they will be too interested in his projected cap hit.