Steelers News: Taylor Lewan and other rumors that are not likely to happen anytime soon

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Tremaine Edmunds would be a fit, but will not join the Steelers

Mike Tomlin loves having football families on the roster. We have seen that plenty of times before and it could happen again if Pittsburgh re-signs Terrell Edmunds. He is one of the biggest free agents for the team currently and bringing him back should be high on the to-do list for Omar Khan and company.

Tremaine Edmunds was the top target for the black and gold when he was coming out of the draft. He was taken before the Steelers had a chance to select him, and he has enjoyed a nice professional career to this point. Edmunds is looking to cash in this summer and could look to a familiar city with his brother, at least that is the logic behind this rumor.

There is a fit between Edmunds and Pittsburgh as he is still very young, and the group desperately needs a legit number-one linebacker in the middle of their defense. He is a dominant presence and has become one of the best in the NFL at his position. Perhaps this might be the most realistic rumor in this article as the fit is there and Tomlin would surely be intrigued by employing both brothers. The amount of money that will likely be thrown his way will likely squash this idea, but it is not impossible.