Steelers News: Taylor Lewan and other rumors that are not likely to happen anytime soon

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Taylor Lewan has too many things going against him to join the Steelers

Get ready because the Taylor Lewan to Pittsburgh rumors are going to be in full effect after his official release from the Tennessee Titans. He was just let go from the organization as they try and battle cap issues, which made Lewan expendable. He has not been healthy throughout his career, but he has been an above-average left tackle in the league when he is on the field.

The Steelers need a left tackle to take over for Dan Moore Jr. as he continues to struggle at the position. Lewan is a fit in that essence and he could bring experience to a group that is lacking that for the most part. Even though this veteran has done well when he is healthy, the concern of how many games he could miss is always there.

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Another issue is that Lewan has beef with T.J. Watt, and that alone could deter the Steelers from signing him. This tackle is injury prone and over 30 years old. Those two things are giant red flags that are hardly ever ignored by this franchise. The need is there and overall, it could make sense to add Lewan in some instances. It seems less likely as the club could just draft a starter at tackle for a younger and cheaper option.