Steelers Nightmare Mock Draft: Pittsburgh leaves the draft worse than they arrived

If the Steelers left the NFL Draft with this class, those screaming to fire everyone and start over would have one heck of an argument.

Jan 1, 2024; Glendale, AZ, USA; Oregon Ducks quarterback Bo Nix (10)
Jan 1, 2024; Glendale, AZ, USA; Oregon Ducks quarterback Bo Nix (10) / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
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. Cam Hart. 4. Cam Hart. player. 443. Cam Hart. . Cornerback.

Steelers mock draft Round 4: Cam Hart, CB, Notre Dame

In the category of too little too late is the Steelers selecting Notre Dame cornerback Cam Hart with the 120th pick. The Steelers need another cornerback, true, but this is a selection that could only be justified if the Steelers landed another starter in free agency, which has yet to be seen. Should the Steelers hold steady at cornerback until the draft and walk away with only a fourth-round selection, it would be seen as an abject failure on the part of the organization by many in the fanbase.

To compound the issue, this is a pick made with LSU defensive tackle Mekhi Wingo and Wisconsin center Tanor Bortolini still on the board, leaving two positions of need unaddressed through four rounds.

4. Tory Taylor. . . Punter. 483. . Tory Taylor. player. Tory Taylor

Steelers mock draft Round 4 (via LAR): Bo Tory Taylor, P, Iowa

Sure, taking the best punter in the draft with tons of viable experience when the team is desperate for a competent option at the position should be a great idea. Heck, we already know he looks good in a Steelers uniform and his name sounds like the vocalist for the best export in Iowa history, Slipknot.

So why is this a nightmare pick?

As mentioned, Wingo and Bortolini are still on the board, and inside linebacker has still not been addressed. Another reason is that there are experienced options in free agency that the Steelers should work towards instead of spending another draft pick on a punter.

Even as a punter, Taylor could very well be a fourth-round pick, and maybe even to the Steelers here in all reality. But the lack of necessary improvements would still leave an awful taste in the mouth of Steelers fans everywhere every time he trots out to punt, which would be a lot in this Hellish scenario.