Steelers offense finally starts to turn a corner in NFL Week 8 Picks and Predictions

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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Atlanta Falcons (4-3) vs Tennessee Titans (2-4), Sunday at 1 P.M. EST

Prediction: Falcons 20, Titans 17

Both clubs are not good, but they should be able to hang around the average level of football for a while. This one will come down to which club can establish their running game effectively throughout the game. Will Levis is going to be the starter for Tennessee, but he might turn over the football a couple of times in his first start.

Philadelphia Eagles (6-1) vs Washington Commanders (3-4), Sunday at 1 P.M. EST

Prediction: Eagles 30, Commanders 27

It was close the last time these two played each other as the Eagles were able to win in overtime. Philadelphia has some issues, but Washington is coming off a tough loss against a bad Giants team last week. Expect Philadelphia to win this game, but it could be a lot closer than many imagine. it won't be in overtime this week, but the Eagles win with a last second field goal to end regulation time.

Cleveland Browns (4-2) vs Seattle Seahawks (4-2), Sunday at 4:05 P.M. EST

Prediction: Seahawks 19, Browns 15

Another game here that could go either way. Both clubs have their own strengths and weaknesses. It was announced that P.J. Walker will be the starter for the Browns again, but it seems like that detriment at the position could bite Cleveland at some point. That could be this week with an opportune Seahawks club at home.

Baltimore Ravens (5-2) vs Arizona Cardinals (1-6), Sunday at 4:25 P.M. EST

Prediction: Ravens 35, Cardinals 22

Not a hard game to predict as the Cardinals have seemed to finally roll over and die this season. The rumors to tank for Caleb Williams have been there for a long time and Josh Dobbs cannot do much with their offense. Kyler Murray could help light a spark if he comes back from injury but expect a lot of losing in the desert this year.