Steelers offense-only mock draft: Pittsburgh retools offense from inside out

It doesn't seem feasible with an aging defense, but the Steelers need to score more points, and an offense-only draft isn't the worst idea.
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The Pittsburgh Steelers have been a putrid offensive team for far too long. They need to score points if they want to capitalize on the window a stellar defense provides.

Now sure, the Steelers won't choose just offensive players in the 2024 NFL Draft. The needs at cornerback and linebacker are too great and, truthfully, they need depth on the defensive line that can take over once Cam Heyward hangs up the cleats.

And Omar Khan and the front office have made it clear they are making every effort to improve the offensive attack, there are still gaping holes in the offensive lineup.

Sure, not all seven of these picks would immediately contribute, but they would help build the offense for now while Russell Wilson is in control and the future for Justin Fields.

Here's how an offense-only 2024 NFL Draft could look like for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

20. player. . Amarius Mims. 527. . Offensive Tackle. Amarius Mims. Amarius Mims.

Round 1, Pick 20: OT Amarius Mims, Georgia

While I'm firmly in the Jackson Powers-Johnson camp, running through these mocks with the intent of taking him first and waiting on an offensive tackle proved to be unwise. There's plenty of depth at center in the class to go offensive tackle first.

That said, the Steelers would be ecstatic to bookend its offensive line with Mims opposite of Broderick Jones. The offensive line would be an impressive force, particularly in the running game with those two behemoths on each end.

. . player. Zach Frazier. Zach Frazier. Zach Frazier. 446. Center. 51.

Round 2, Pick 51: C Zach Frazier, Virginia

The depth prevails as Zach Frazier is as solid a consolation prize as you can ask for in the second round to finally plug the hole at center.

The Steelers have gone far too long without a good center on the offensive line. Frazier is fully capable of stepping in and becoming the best center the Steelers have had since Maurkice Pouncey, not that that is a particularly high bar to clear.

Roman Wilson. player. . Roman Wilson. Roman Wilson. . 84. 485. Wide Receiver.

Round 3, Pick 84: WR Roman Wilson, Michigan

The Steelers traded away Diontae Johnson but have yet to fill his role in the offense. While rumors circulate around a trade for Brandon Aiyuk, presently the Steelers need someone to step into that role and take on a ton of targets.

Roman Wilson would go much higher in any other draft class, but he's swallowed up in a truly remarkable wide receiver group. But his game is fairly similar to Johnson's. It's the Steelers' gain as they steal yet another mid-round wide receiver.

player. Malik Washington. Malik Washington. 98. Malik Washington. . Wide Receiver. 446. .

Round 3, Pick 98: WR Malik Washington, Virginia

The Steelers also need a body to compete for the slot receiver position. There's no guarantee that anyone on the roster currently can be a reliable and productive option this season.

Malik Washington would change that. He's small and shifty, and while he doesn't quite have Calvin Austin III speed, he has plenty of production at the position to make a push to be a solid addition to the receiving corp.

Zak Zinter. . player. 485. . 119. . Zak Zinter. Zak Zinter. Guard

Round 4, Pick 119: OG Zak Zinter, Michigan

The Steelers don't need an immediate answer at guard, though they can certainly afford to look for James Daniels's eventual replacement. Zak Zinter is recovering from a broken leg injury in November, so he's a long-term solution.

Still, Zinter is a mauling guard with strength and experience on his side. Once he is on the field, he'll be a reliable starter between Frazier and Mims.

player. . 178. Jordan Travis. 435. Jordan Travis. Jordan Travis. . . Quarterback

Round 6, Pick 178: QB Jordan Travis, Florida State

Truth be told, there's a chance Jordan Travis doesn't last until the sixth round even with his knee injury likely interrupting his rookie season. Still, he's valuable insurance on Justin Fields should he prove not to be the answer.

Running Back. Kendall Milton. . . 527. . player. Kendall Milton. 198. Kendall Milton

Round 6, Pick 198: RB Kendall Milton, Georgia

The Steelers are three-deep at running back, but there's no guarantee that Najee Harris will receive a second contract nor that Cordarelle Patterson will play more than one season in Pittsburgh. Kendall Milton is insurance against those situations as he plays with enough power and speed to be a cheap bridge replacement for either player.