Steelers offensive woes this season are a three-headed monster that fans can't see

Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Mike Tomlin is the continuing problem as to why the Steelers can't produce

Everything falls at the feet of the head coach and general manager when it comes to wins and losses. Mike Tomlin deserves a lot of the blame here too. It seems like things are different within the Steelers organization for now. Tomlin has commanded a lot of respect around the league for his leadership qualities, but there seems to be some internal struggle going on.

Tomlin decided to keep Canada around going into this season despite two years of terrible offensive outcomes before that. He was afraid of messing with Pickett's development, but that might have been fast-forwarded by retaining Canada. Tomlin mentions that he takes responsibility, but does he really? That thought process does not seem to carry much weight right now.

The black and gold routinely shoot to make the playoffs or at least break even with their record. It is admirable to stay consistent with a poor roster each year, but this franchise has prided itself on getting into playoff runs and potential Super Bowl appearances. The team has not won a playoff game since 2017 and has not gotten to the Super Bowl since 2011.

If things continue this trend, it’s possible that Tomlin could lose his locker room and see his job get in jeopardy. Sometimes the Steelers' job becomes too comfortable with the certain type of job security that comes with it. His biggest task yet will be the conclusion of this season as he tries to find a possible way to sneak into the playoffs with a jumbled offensive group.

Steelers may hire one of these coaches to replace Matt Canada. Steelers may hire one of these coaches to replace Matt Canada. dark. Next