Steelers options to replace Terrell Edmunds after his recent goodbye to Pittsburgh

Terrell Edmunds, Steelers
Terrell Edmunds, Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages
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Bad news struck the city of Pittsburgh as Terrell Edmunds announced on social media that he will be leaving the team. At the time of writing this article, his new place of employment in the NFL had not been announced. Most assumed that Edmunds would re-sign with the Steelers after coming back last offseason on a cheap one-year contract.

He will be turning away from the black and gold colors in favor of a new place to call home via free agency. He has been the starting strong safety for the defense since being selected in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. Trying to find a replacement for Edmunds is going to be a big chore, but it is not the end of the world for this defense with how they are currently constructed.

Terrell Edmunds is set to officially leave the Steelers via free agency

Trying to find someone to step in and take over the strong safety duties on defense will not be an easy task, but it is a possible one to accomplish. Edmunds did a lot for this defense, showing how both Minkah Fitzpatrick and he were complimentary pieces. Things will be different this season and the black and gold continue to retool their secondary.

Not many players have faced as much scrutiny as Edmunds has since he was seemingly over-drafted in 2018. Most had him as a second to third-round pick, but the Steelers felt that he had a higher upside than many imagined. He would not quite live up to that first-round selection, but he was a solid starter for this defense over the past two or three seasons overall. Maybe that was the Fitzpatrick effect, but Edmunds was solid in his efforts.