Steelers options to replace Terrell Edmunds after his recent goodbye to Pittsburgh

Terrell Edmunds, Steelers
Terrell Edmunds, Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages
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Looking into some potential draft fits could be the ultimate plan

This article is more geared towards addressing this safety need through free agency, but the draft could be a realistic avenue. There are plenty of prospects that could be up for grabs on day two that could interest the black and gold. Ideally, finding a starter to fill the strong safety roll on this defense would be the best way to attack this situation, especially with so many other needs that must be taken care of through the draft.

Keep a close eye on a couple of teammates at Alabama as the draft gets closer. Jordan Battle is a name that could be had in the third to fourth round of the draft. He will need to work on his run support and tackling ability at the next level though. Brian Branch is another Alabama product that will get some connections to the Steelers with their current free agency concern.

Branch can play in multiple roles within the secondary at the NFL level and would slide into the strong spot for Pittsburgh. Ji'Ayir Brown is another name to watch as he comes out of Penn State. He has been great up closer to the line and attacking the run. His speed could be an issue at the NFL level as it is not the strongest part of his game.