Steelers phone is ringing off the hook about trading pick 32

Steelers, NFL Combine
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What an exciting first round that proved to be. The 2023 NFL Draft started off with a bang with twists and turns all along the way in the first round. The Pittsburgh Steelers traded up to pick 14 to land Georgia OT Broderick Jones -- a player they had their sights set on for a long time. Now the real excitement begins.

Thanks to the Chase Claypool trade, the Steelers hold the 32nd overall pick in the draft. Because of the positioning at the very top of Day 2, we've wondered for months if Pittsburgh would try to move back from this pick. Apparently, the calls are flooding in.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reported that the Steelers were receiving calls about trading pick 32 before the first round even ended. Numerous teams have called Pittsburgh about moving up -- presumably for QB Will Levis.

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler broke it down one step further -- claiming that four teams have 'legitimate interest' in trading for pick 32. This could potentially drive up the asking price.

Now the Steelers have a very difficult decision to make. Do they stand pat and take a talented player at pick 32 or do they trade back and pick up more draft capital?

Steelers likely to trade back from pick 32

I don't think many believed both Joey Porter Jr. and Brian Branch would be available at the start of Day 2. Both defensive backs were considered to be prime first-round candidates for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and pairing one of these talented prospects with Broderick Jones would make for an outstanding one-two punch to open the NFL Draft.

However, I do think that it will simply be too enticing to Omar Khan and Andy Weidl not to move back from pick 32. Knowing that the phone has been ringing off the hook, the Steelers have nearly a full day to field offers before going with the highest bidder.

With numerous trade offers, the Steelers also have options. They could either trade back deep into the second round and pick up an extra pick today, or they could perhaps trade back just a few spots -- enough to recoup some value while still landing a player they love.

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Khan said before the draft that he will have talked to all 31 teams about trading up or back. He already traded up; now it might be time to trade back. Keep your eyes peeled. This could be the most exciting Day 2 of the NFL Draft for the Pittsburgh Steelers that most of us have ever seen.