Steelers players hit personal bests and odd milestones in back-to-back wins

Steelers, T.J. Watt
Steelers, T.J. Watt / Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
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Additional Odd Steelers Stats

No article would be complete without a small compilation of the very odd Steelers stats from the last two weeks. Here are a few from the last two Steelers wins that have earned the distinction of being mentioned, as some are way out there in terms of oddities. 

The Steelers only Monday night win ever throwing over 222 yards and having 55 or fewer rushing yards; they are now 1-4, and the first such game since 2020 on Monday night. They are 18-29 in all regular season games, passing over 222 yards and rushing for 55 or less.

The Steelers Monday night game is the first game since 11/13/1988 against Philly in which they led 16-14 at halftime. That game resulted in a loss. Thus, it was the Steelers 1st win ever, leading their opponent 16-14 at halftime.

Also, the Monday night game was the Steelers first-ever game, with a final score of 26-22. However, the closest final score in Steelers history with a four-point margin is  24-20. The Steelers have five total games they won by a final score of 24-20 against the Giants, Chargers, Bengals, Dallas, and Cleveland.

This was the Steelers 9th game against Cleveland with a final score of a four-point margin and the first one since 2017. The Steelers are 9-0 against Cleveland in games with a four-point margin going back to 1960.