Steelers Playoffs: Every remaining scenario and possible playoff matchup after win

The Steelers have a solid shot at the playoffs. Here's every remaining avenue to the playoffs and who Pittsburgh could be facing in the Wild Card round.

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Jaguars win, Bills lose = Steelers @ Dolphins

Now let's flip the previous scenario. Let's imagine that the Jaguars fend off the Titans to come away with the Week 18 win on the road, but Buffalo loses in Miami this week. Because the Steelers got the win they needed, if this scenario plays out, Mike Tomlin's team would be playing in Miami against the Dolphins in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

This would be no easy contest. While the Dolphins have been banged up late in the season, they undeniably have the fastest set of skill players in the league (and one of the fastest groups the NFL has ever seen). This could make for a nightmarish scenario against a slow and aging Steelers secondary that has been without Minkah Fitzpatrick for weeks.

Obviously, the Steelers will be underdogs in this contest, but that doesn't mean that a win is impossible. Pittsburgh would need to find a way to generate quick pressure against QB Tua Tagovailoa, who can get the ball out fast and hit his lightning-fast receivers in stride.

The good news is that the Steelers could find a way to exploit the holes in Miami's defense, but would it be enough to put up a fight against one of the NFL's powerhouse offenses in the 2023 playoffs? This is a rough matchup for Pittsburgh, but at least it's a postseason game with high stakes.