Steelers Playoffs: Every remaining scenario and possible playoff matchup after win

The Steelers have a solid shot at the playoffs. Here's every remaining avenue to the playoffs and who Pittsburgh could be facing in the Wild Card round.

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Both Bills and Jaguars lose = Steelers @ Chiefs

It's probably not very likely that both the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars lose in their season finale. These teams are favorites, and this game means a lot to Buffalo -- who is looking to avoid falling out of the playoffs entirely.

But let's pretend for a second that this is how things work out following the results of Week 18. If the Bills and Jags both lose today, that means that the Pittsburgh Steelers would be playing on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs.

If this were the Chiefs team of the past several seasons, there's not a chance that I would choose to play in Arrowhead Stadium in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. We saw what happened the last time these two opponents met in the playoffs. However, this Chiefs team isn't anything close to what they have been over the past few years.

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs' offense look human this season -- average, in fact. Though Kansas City's defense has been surprisingly good, the Steelers likely wouldn't have to win a big shootout matchup. This might actually be the best of the three potential playoff matchups if Pittsburgh gets into the tournament, but it might not happen as it would require losses by both the Bills and Jaguars today.

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