Steelers Post-Combine Mock Draft: Massive readjustments made in the trenches

The Steelers are able to rebuild their trenches in this latest post-NFL Combine seven-round mock draft.

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Steelers mock draft round 6: Sam Hartman, QB, Notre Dame

Quarterback is the wild card position for the Steelers as many conflicting reports have come out. With all the speculation out there, it seems certain that Pittsburgh is open to any idea that might make their quarterback position better. No matter if that is Pickett improving, having Rudolph becoming the starter, or finding an outside option to become the answer.

It is never a good sign if your team is all ready to move on from a quarterback, but with how poorly Pickett has played, it makes sense. The Steelers want to take advantage of having a top defense, so they need to have an offense led by a competent quarterback. It seems like they will add someone in free agency and fill out the room with a mid to late-round pick in the draft.

They decide to take Sam Hartman in the sixth round to be their third option on the depth chart. Either Rudolph or an outside free agent would be the competition for Pickett in this scenario. Hartman is someone who has a high floor and low ceiling when it comes to his potential growth moving forward. He comes out of college as an older prospect.

Composure is something that Hartman carries with his game. His transfer over to Notre Dame didn't go to plan, but he was able to show he can play in big moments. Behind the top prospects at quarterback in this class, there are not too many great names. Hartman is someone that can become a solid backup option for the Steelers.

Hartman was unimpressive at both the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine. He doesn't have starting upside, but he could serve as Pittsburgh's QB3 with a chance to slide into a backup role eventually.