Steelers potential free agent targets after massive Patrick Peterson signing

Patrick Peterson, Steelers
Patrick Peterson, Steelers / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Poona Ford could be an interesting option for the defensive line

Perhaps the direst need for this team right now is none other than the defensive line. Not only is a giant hole to fill at defensive end, but also the depth behind the starting spot. DeMarvin Leal is there, but he still needs more time to iron out some of the deficiencies in his game. Larry Ogujobi is still out there, but it seems more likely that there will be a divorce rather than a vow renewal.

Poona Ford could be an interesting option on the market as the club looks for a player to stop the run first and foremost. Ford has been solid in that role during his time with the Seattle Seahawks and he could also play in the nose tackle role as well. That would be beneficial to iron out those two spots on the defensive line and take some pressure off the draft. Heading into the draft with neither of those two roles situated could lead to bad consequences.

As time rolls on, the pool becomes a buyers' market even more as players start to search for jobs more feverishly. Ford could become an interesting option the more that he sits there and waits for a new deal to populate with a club. Another interesting name to watch could be his former teammate, Quinton Jefferson after he was released within the past day. Either of them could provide different roles to the Steelers and help make the defensive line more stable.