Steelers potential free agent targets after massive Patrick Peterson signing

Patrick Peterson, Steelers
Patrick Peterson, Steelers / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Steelers could still pursue Rock Ya-Sin during free agency even with Patrick Peterson in the fold

Many were disappointed when the news broke that Cam Sutton would be signing with the Detroit Lions once free agency officially opened. Most thought the Steelers were foolish to let Sutton leave the organization this offseason, and the jury is still out on that sentiment. Luckily, Pittsburgh had a plan and went out and signed Patrick Peterson to a two-year deal before the first day of the negotiation process was complete.

One name mentioned during that time between Sutton leaving and the Peterson deal was Rock Ya-Sin. Pittsburgh showed a lot of interest in him during the draft process back in 2019. He has played in different aspects of the secondary during his professional career. Ya-Sin has seen some bumps in his professional path when it comes to his performance since leaving Temple to turn pro.

One could imagine that the club should be done adding at cornerback, but that might not be the wisest idea. Peterson was a good fallback option with Sutton leaving but adding to the slot corner role might be another thing to accomplish. Ya-Sin would be able to add to that and keep the pressure off cornerback in the upcoming draft so the gas pedal is not to the floor as the offseason plays out.